into the abyss

as above, so below

Had a lot of fun with my new tail that I haven’t tried on yet! Loving the male versions that featured at Equal10 not so long back from Cynefin. This shot was taken at the beautiful Lost Unicorn region, I am so thankful that magical places like this exsist in Second Life and I can’t wait to take more photos there to show off the amazing landscaping.



Head: Lelutka – Skyler 3.1 (dated)
Forehead: EVERMORE. – Moon Bindi
Eyes: F u o e y . – Brooklyn Eyes
Facial Hair: Volkstone Russell Facial Hair / 04 Black
Ears: Lelutka – Skyler Elf + Clover – Nymph Ears


Body: Legacy Athletic
Body Accessories: {C&C} – Chakra Projectors
BOM Torso Layer: Cynefin – Simple Gills 1.1
Nipples: NOCHE. – Mesh Nipples 3.2 Size 4 – Legacy
Tail: Cynefin – Tail {LEGACY M}

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