A little tribute to my love for Retro & Synthwave 💎

Couldn’t have done it better without this beautiful jacket from Noche. The fatpack contains 26 leather/accent textures, 32 upper/lower trim textures, and eight metal textures.


NOCHE. Markus Leather Jacket

Available now at Equal10!

m o o d ~ t u n e

Full Credits:

Hairbase: Volkstone Milo Hairbase / Blonde
Visor: [NeurolaB Inc.] EXO-7 VISOR V.2.2.1
Cigar: Grab My!! Cuban Cigar Pack – Unpack – [Chris Two Designs]
Bottoms: JOCKD-September 2020-Thermal Long Johns-L
Boots: BUTTERSCOTCH . Thomas Boots {Legacy}

Bike: [Neurolab Inc.] Z-Tronic BIKE (Combat Black) V.6.6

City Backdrop: THE MIRROR BOX 2.0 – 64x64m
Retrowave Scene: Saintstreet Retro Wave Backdrop (Pink)

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